Jenny Abrahams

Head of Clinical Governance

Jenny, originally from South Africa, trained there as a general nurse and then worked as a midwife and psychiatric nurse, before moving to the UK.

When Jenny arrived here in 1999 she started her career as a staff nurse at St Andrew’s Hospital in Northampton. She then moved on to work for The Priory, eagerly working her way up to become director of clinical services in Bristol, working as a home manager for The Priory’s residential autism service, to a hospital director at their service in Wales, and then in Bristol. Jenny exhibited exceptional managerial and administrative skills whilst in these roles – and found she had a liking for crisis management.

Jenny left The Priory in 2017 and went on to do some independent consultancy work, before deciding to do some agency work as a staff nurse to keep her nursing background and knowledge up-to-date. It was in this role that she started working for Nurseline. Fast forward to 2020 where Jenny joined the Communities Team, first as a registered manager, before becoming director of clinical governance.

During the course of her career, Jenny developed a keen interest in processes, quality, compliance and staff wellbeing, which is why she is in the role she is today. She was drawn to Catalyst because of its family-centred approach and putting people first – whether that is the patients being supported or the staff who provide the support.

She is a passionate believer in providing high quality care to patients in their own home (a hospital without walls), where they will be able to thrive.

Jenny lives in Wales with her husband, her daughter and her Jack Russell.

Email Jenny on or call 07388949071